Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Virtual Assistants In the News

It's absolutely amazing the amount of press the term "Virtual Assistant" has received in just the past two weeks. I've seen it mentioned on the Today Show, Woman's World, (with excellent quotes from Michael Russer and one of the authors of the Two Minute Commute) and now today in US Daily News.

In the article today it mentioned if you are looking for a virtual assistant, type in Google the term Virtual Assistant. Isn't that incredible! That is great news for all VAs. How many businesses are going to do just that and hopefully find the perfect partnership.

I am so proud of our Industry and where it is today and that we (virtual assistants) are getting this recognition. It's been a group effort and I think all virtual assistants should take a minute and say, "Well done!" we are doing it.

In 1997 I was quoted in USA Today on a story on home-based businesses and I mentioned about becoming a virtual assistant. I can remember how many comments I got from everywhere, "WHAT!! What's that!" It was like back in 1985 when I started working at home and people would say to me "Sure you're working at home, cough cough, thinking I was really watching soaps and pretending to be working.

It might have taken ten or so years, but we did it. Virtual Assistants are front and center.

So, if you are as proud as me and would like to leave a positive comment on the Virtual Assistant Industry, please do. Also, please make sure to leave your website too. Why make it hard for clients to find us through Google. Blogging is so much easier.


Diana Ennen
Author: VA the Series

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