Thursday, March 27, 2008

Academy of Virtual Professionals Class

I'm pleased to announce .... from Kelly Poelker, my co-author of Virtual Assistant The Series ...

Academy of Virtual Professionals new class offering...

Can using a Mac really work for your business? This two hour teleclass will give you the foundation you need to make an informed decision on whether or not switching to a Mac is the right thing for you.

*Topics Covered:*

* Why Switch? How to Make and Informed Decision
* Overview of the Mac Product Line
* How is the Mac Operating System Different (Under the Hood)
* Using the Mac Operating System Basics
* Using the Mac Operating System from a PC Users Perspective
* Mac Applications for the Virtual Professional
* Running Windows on a Mac
* Cool Mac Tips
* Q&A

*Who should attend:* Anyone that wants to learn more about what the Mac Operating System has to offer for business owners or what all is involved in switching from a Windows PC to a Mac.

To find out more and to register go to:

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