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Virtual Assistant High Heels Day


Virtual Assistants around the globe are having a little fun and I for one just love it. It's summer -- we work hard -- and it's great that we can sit back and enjoy ourselves. Thanks to Tawnya Sutherland of, VAs are celebrating Virtual Assistant High Heels Day and helping out a good cause. See below for details. And if you are a VA out there, come on, it's not too late. Get those heels on and send in your photo! I know I did.

Celebrate Around the World... (From

Virtual Assistant High Heels Day!
July 9th, 2008

Are you a Virtual Assistant (VA) who works from home and misses the high heeled corporate days?

Want to rally together and show the world that Virtual Assistants are here to stay and ready to take over the corporate world?

Do you wish to support a really good cause that benefits the kids?

Join in on the fun today as Virtual Assistants from around the world celebrate... Virtual Assistant High Heels Day!


I don't know about any of our members here but one of the things I, Tawnya Sutherland, after leaving the corporate world to become a Virtual Assistant (VA), sorely missed (literally) is that I don't wear high heels much anymore!

No doubt much better for my now healthly feet but for that womanly "feel good" feminine moment we all need now and then to pick us up, there is nothing better than slipping your foot into a sexy heel!

To our minority men VAs out there (we know who you are!) when you reach the majority in this industry then we'll have a workboot day okay?

Well, today while working out at the gym to keep that computer chair butt of mine in half decent shape, I watched the Regis and Kelly Show.I watch this show ritually every morning at the gym since I've been a fan of Regis for years and enjoy the variety of guests on it. And yes, Kelly with her healthy figure is incentive for me get my body back into a healthy form and one of the reasons I watch it while dutifully sweating out my gym ritual since I need the inspiration...please don't take that personal there Regis!

Anyhow, today they were having a contest called the High Heel-a-thon with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes.

All I could think of was getting finished with my workout and going home to sport my new heels I bought yet never wear! At the same time I thought of challenging our over 10,000 members to to do the same to help raise more donations for the March of Dimes.

So I challenge every Virtual Assistant worldwide to share with me in this new "Virtual Assistant High Heels Day"

We will celebrate this special day every July 9th forthwith with all proceeds going to March of Dimes.

So VA's? GET OUT THAT CAMERA, take a picture of you in high heels in your Virtual Assistant office and send to us to post here!

Again, send in your photos to

Diana Ennen / Author: Virtual Assistant the Series,

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